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Report: Finance Day Frankfurt

June 30th, 2016 | by

For Wednesday, the 29th of June, the Student Chapter Aachen organized the first Finance Day in Frankfurt.

We followed the invitation of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to Frankfurt. Prior to the visit at PwC we took the chance to look behind the scenes of the “Börse Frankfurt” (Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

20160629_114846After a presentation on the history and the basic working principles of “Börse Frankfurt” we were able to see the actual trading live on the parquet, which surprisingly was almost the opposite of hectic. From the visitor gallery everything seemed calm and organized. The trading happens almost completely through the trading system Xetra.

Afterwards the group headed to the Tower 185, the headquarter of PwC in Germany. At PwC we hat the chance to listen to PwC employees with a MINT background talk about how mathematics is used in their daily work. This happens in various regimes, such as risk management, assurance, pension calculation, IT security or big data and data science. In between the talks, there was the possibility to talk to the different speaker during the lunch break.


Once the official part ended, we had the chance to participate at the guided tower tour through Tower 185. We could see the logistic and infrastructure that is necessary to keep a building for 4000 employees working and in a safe state. The highlight of the tour was the ride up to the 50th floor where we were able to enjoy the view from the 4th tallest building in Germany.


The day in Frankfurt ended with a coffee / beer break at the Main and the ride home to Aachen.

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