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Seminar Series on Hot Topics in Applied Mathematics

July 17th, 2016 | by

seminarHotTopicsYou are invited to join our new seminar series on

Hot topics in Applied Mathematics!

When: Fridays, 10:15-11:15am, starting 29.07.2016

Where: Rogowski building, Room 328

The purpose of the seminar is to present the basics of current research topics in mathematics, computer science and engineering. Topics cover the research of SIAM Student Chapter members and range from popular methods such as Discontinuous Galerkin and automatic differentiation to problem oriented problems such as financial market modelling or transport problems. The aim is to give an understandable overview and give doctoral candidates the possibility to connect their research to topics of other researchers as well as help students with their choice of future courses.

Here, the list of topics the seminar is covering:

  1. Non-local regularization and image analysis in Electron Microscopy (speaker: Niklas Mevenkamp, 29.07.2016)
  2. Uncertainty Quantification (speaker: Jonas Kusch, 12.08.2016)
  3. Mathematical Models of Financial Markets (speaker: Torsten Trimborn, 19.08.2016)
  4. Atmospheric Entry – Technology, Mathematical Model and Simulation (speaker: Julian Köllermeier, 26.08.2016)
  5. Monte-Carlo Description of Flow Phenomena Arising from Fokker-Planck Kinetics (speaker: Hossein Gorji , 02.09.2016)
  6. Discontinuous Galerkin Methods (speaker: Alexander Jaust, 16.09.2016)
  7. Parallel-in-Time Integration Methods (speaker: Stefanie Günther, 30.09.2016)
  8. Automatic Differentiation (speaker: Jens Deussen, 14.10.2016)
  9. Lattice-Boltzmann (speaker: Philipp Otte, 04.11.2016)

If you are interested in helping to prepare one of the topics above or if you want to add a new one to the list, you are very welcome to write an email to Thomas. Don’t hesitate: the presenters are not expected to be experts in the chosen topics.

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