SIAM Student Chapter Aachen

Seminar on Technology and Society


You are invited to participate in our new Seminar series

SIAM Seminar on Technology and Society

When: Fridays, 11-12 am, starting August 21st, 2015

Where: Rogowski Building, Room 115

The purpose of the Seminar is to discuss about selected topics concerning technology and society. We will start the  series with seminars on Artificial Intelligence and its influence on society.  SIAM Student members will present on the following topics:

      • History of Artificial Intelligence: Movies + Examples (21.08.2015, Julian & Malte)
      • Definition of AI (28.08.2015, already at 10am, Loic & Eduard)
      • Machine learning (11.09.2015, Thomas)
      • Big Data & Machine Learning (18.09.2015, Fabian)
      • Google’s deep Learning (25.09.2015, Jeyahsree)
      • Industrial vs. digital Revolution (02.10.2015, already at 10am, Michael)
      • Threats and Challenges (09.10.2015, Sheng Ying)
      • Discussion on further topics (23.10.2015, 9:30am)
      • Schedule the next topic of the Seminar (02.11.2015, 11am, MathCCES kitchen)

Presentations will be followed by illuminative discussions from the audience. You are very welcome to join existing groups and work on a topic with them or add new topics that you want to discuss.