SIAM Student Chapter Aachen

Industry Meets Mathematics

January 28th, 2019 | by

Today, the SIAM Student Chapter Aachen again hosts the Industry Meets Mathematics event. We are excited to welcome Dr. Kärcher from NavVis ( and Dr. Droste from INFORM ( as our guests.

Dr. Kärcher will talk about “Indoor visual positioning and navigation at NavVis”. In his presentation, he will give insights into how to calculate the position of a user taking pictures of his surroundings – a necessity for indoor navigation.

Our guest from INFORM, Dr. Droste, presents “Optimizing Real-World Problems”. This talk is about modeling production planning as a mixed integer program in order to plan production jobs on interdependent capacitated machines while minimizing backlog, holding, as well as setup costs and how to solve those problems despite millions of variables and constraints.

Please refer to the enclosed poster for the venue and starting time.

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