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Final Stop: WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH

September 29th, 2020 | by

Two of our BtX team members, Julia and Jana, work for WS Group. On our way to the finish destination in Stuttgart we visit the company.

WS Wärmeprozesstechnik, is an owner operated enterprise located in Renningen, near Stuttgart. Founded in 1982, its success is based on innovative heating systems for high temperature processes. WS is the inventor and owner of the patents of the FLOX®-combustion principle for highly efficient and low emission burner systems for industrial furnaces. FLOX®- burners with integrated recuperation are most suitable for operation in radiation tubes. Ongoing research and development ensure global leadership of WS. A current focus is to develop and promote “Bio to X” technologies.

The managing directors of the company are strongly committed to electric mobility. Dr. J.G. Wünning has been driving electric cars for years. He is convinced that there should be more low cost and particularly durable electric vehicles for short distance travel. These cars are perfectly adequate for everyday needs and urban traffic. His actual car is a e.Go life. His father and company founder, Dr. J.A. Wünning, has fulfilled his dream and is driving a hydrogen fuel cell car, Hyundai Nexo, since last year. We are lucky to get this car as our 5th team member for this rally 🙂

Dr. J.G. Wünning at his electric car e.GO life

Dr. J.A. Wünning and his hydrogen fuel cell car, Hyundai Nexo

The WS company is known for its interdisciplinary way of thinking. Over the years, this attitude has led to the establishment of several subsidiaries. Three subsidiaries of WS are located at the same premises in Renningen.

Since 2000 the business WS Reformer has been based on successfully downscaling large scale steam reforming making the technology decentralized applicable. The product portfolio of reformers is dedicated to PEM-fuel cells, and SOFC-systems as well as to solutions for on site hydrogen.

e-flox GmbH is a manufacturer of facilities and FLOX®-burners in the field of thermal process energy. The company provides solutions for all kind of gases which are difficult to treat in conventional burner systems. A core business are low caloric value (LCV) gases resulting from biogas upgrading plants, landfill sites, and industrial and chemical processes or pyrolysis. The key points are FLOX® technology, turnkey plants, and highly efficient waste heat utilization.

Currently e-flox is building a plant to produce green hydrogen from biogas. The turnkey plant will be completed in February 2021. The steam reformer from WS Reformer can already be viewed at the factory.

The customers for green hydrogen shall be the vehicle fleets of the municipalities within the close future. The proven technology could be a part of the German “National Hydrogen Strategy” as a forerunner for green hydrogen produced on a large scale.

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