IRG Meltspinning

IRG Meltspinning

The Industry Research Group (IRG) is a cooperation between companies, which are interested in basic research on application-related topics, and the ITA. The idea is to systematically address technological, economical and strategic issues in the field of melt spinning.

The melt spinning process contains many variables that could be altered in order to have an effect on the final quality of the fiber. It is important to not only understand these different parameters, but also to be able to tailor and optimize the spinning process so specific fiber properties can be realized.

Short-term Goals

In order to achieve this long term goal, the IRG Meltspinning has outlined short- and mid-term goals. In the first two years, we hope to develop a basis model for a multifilament spinning process. This will be constructed based on current state-of-the-art monofilament models. The multifilament model will then be validated using a reproducible melt spinning process and validation equipment.

Mid-term Goals

By the end of the fourth year, the developed multifilament basis model will be inversely interpreted. This allows the yarn properties, material properties and model parameters to act as the input variables and process parameters to act as the output variables. Again, this model will be validated using a reproducible melt spinning process.

Long-term Goals

The last four years of the project will consist of the final development of the self-optimizing melt spinning process. The initial yarn properties will be input into the model determining the process parameters of the model. The structural properties of the yarn will then be compared online with the required properties. This will result in property deviations that determine the modification of the process parameters.

These goals will be reached with the cooperation of researchers, the facilities, and knowledge of ITA as well as the expertise, support and guidance of industry members.



Members of the IRG represent important industry sectors, as for example:

  • Material producers
  • Fiber producers
  • Plant engineers
  • Manufacturers of plant components (from nozzle to winder)
  • Manufacturers of measurement technologies


The annual membership fee amounts to € 7.500,- per year and includes:

  • Research results summarized in reports
  • Participation in stakeholder meetings (every 6 months)
    • Presentation of research results
    • Influence on development of new technologies



  • Topics are geared to the needs of IRG Members
  • Access to in-depth technical knowledge
  • Active participation in developement of new technologies
  • Independence of daily business
  • Improved understanding of IRG topic


  • Generating a technological lead
  • Gain of sustainable competitive advantages
  • Early establishment of technologies in practice


  • Extensive information exchanges between IRG Members
  • Expansion of own network to other companies and young scientists



Here are links to some publications about the IRG Meltspinning project: