1st RILEM International Conference on Mineral Carbonation for Cement And Concrete


The organization committee of the 1st RILEM international conference on mineral carbonation is happy to welcome you in RWTH Aachen University, the 16 and 17th of April, 2024.



Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) is one of the main avenue currently investigated to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the construction industry, provide added-value products and enable a circular economy. This conference aims to provide a platform to share novel knowledge on mineral carbonation for cementitious materials. The conference is organized around these five main topics:

  • Carbonation hardening of concrete products
  • CO2 beneficiation of Supplementary Cementitious Materials
  • Carbonatable binders
  • Carbonated recycled aggregates
  • Analytical techniques for Carbon uptake and LCA

The abstract for this conference should fit one or more of these topics. The work can also be presented as a poster.


Organization Committee

This conference is sponsored by RILEM, in particular TC-MCP, Accelerated Mineral Carbonation for the production of construction materials.

This conference is co-organized by Horizon Europe project Carbon4Minerals (Grant Agreement No. 101091870) and the CO2-Treat project, funded by Era-MIN3.

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The organization committee is

  • T. Matschei – RWTH Aachen University
  • F. Georget – RWTH Aachen University
  • A. Vollpracht – RWTH Aachen University
  • R. Snellings – KU Leuven
  • M. Zajac – Heidelberg Materials
  • L. Horckmans – VITO
  • A. Tatáková – Fenix TNT

The conference is hosted by the institute of building materials research

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Scientific Committee

  • Villagran Yury – VITO (TC MCP)
  • Snellings Ruben – KU Leuven (TC MCP)
  • Zajac Maciej – Heidelberg Materials (TC MCP / Carbon4Minerals)
  • Winnefeld Frank – EMPA (TC MCP)
  • Isgor Burkan – U. Oregon (TC MCP)
  • Ling Tung-Chai – Hunan U. (TC MCP)
  • Matschei Thomas – RWTH Aachen U. (TC MCP / Carbon4Minerals / CO2Treat)
  • Garboczi Ed. – NIST (TC MCP)
  • Machner Alisa – TU Munich (TC MCP)
  • Turcry Philippe – La Rochelle U. (TC MCP)
  • Skibsted Jorgen – Aarhus U. (TC MCP)
  • Jansen Daniel – Erlangen U. (TC MCP)
  • Sant Gaurav – UCLA (TC MCP)
  • Myers Rupert – ICL (TC MCP)
  • Cizer Özlem – KU Leuven (TC MCP)
  • Garg Nishant – U. Illinois UC (TC MCP)
  • Perumal Priya – U Oulu (TC MCP)
  • Srivastava Sumit – RiSE (TC MCP)
  • Zhao Zengfeng – Tongji U. (TC MCP)
  • Torrenti Jean-Michel – U. Gustave Eiffel (TC MCP)
  • De Weerdt Klaartje – NTNU (Carbon4Minerals)
  • Quaghebeur Mieke – VITO (Carbon4Minerals/CO2Treat)
  • Vollpracht Anya – RWTH Aachen U. (Carbon4Minerals/CO2Treat)
  • Georget Fabien – RWTH Aachen U. (Carbon4Minerals)
  • Horckmans Liesbeth – VITO (Carbon4Minerals/CO2Treat)
  • Wilson Ricardo Leal da Silva – FLSmidth

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