Web-based VR tool for online audio-visual studies

17. Oktober 2016 | von

The members of the SONORUS (Urban Sound Planner) project have published an interesting approach to conduct audio-visual studies using Unity and a conventional web browser. Fanyu Meng did some supporting work for procedural sound synthesis. For more information and the link to participate, see here:

Web-based virtual reality tool for evaluation of urban sound environment


ITA-Toolbox for Matlab moved to a free accessible GIT repository

15. Oktober 2016 | von

The famous and heavily used ITA-Toolbox for Mathwork’s powerful Matlab prototyping application has been developed at ITA internally since around 2008. For some time, a free version is available for download from the website http://www.ita-toolbox.org.

Now, the repository moved to the RWTH Aachen University GIT server and the head revision of current developments is directly accessible for checkout and download (read-only) via following link:


If you would like to participate and merge bug fixes or useful extensions for the research community, external users can authenticate with a GitHub account. Please ask the developers for access using the web interface of the GIT repository to create your own branch and submit a merge request.

SEACEN International Round Robin on Auralization

30. September 2016 | von

Researchers of the SEACEN project have officially launched the 1st International Round Robin on Auralization. In this extensive comparison of simulation and auralization tools, researchers, users and developers can contribute their results for nine different acoustical scenes including a variation of simple acoustical situations as well as typical room acoustical scenarios. Everyone is invited to particpate. In the first phase of the Round Robin, participants are ask only to use the provided input data. Deadline for the submission of the results is december 31st, 2016.

More information can be found on the offical Auralization Round Robin website.

OpenDAFF license change

07. Juni 2016 | von

Good news, everyone! OpenDAFF has changed the license from the GNU Lesser Public License to the Apache License Version 2.0. This means, that the copyleft has been dropped making it more easy to use the OpenDAFF C++ library within commercial products.

OpenDAFF new website online

13. Mai 2016 | von

The OpenDAFF project website has been updated.


ITApp online

12. Mai 2016 | von

The ITApp web applications for interactive acoustics created by ITA and funded by the RWTH Blended Learning initiative has been launched with a preview on wave visualization and audio examples for audio manipulation in the frequency spectrum as well as an interactive audiometry.