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Forum Acusticum 2023 in Torino

07. September 2023 | von

Between the 11th and 15th of September, the 10th Convention of the European Acoustics Association Forum Acusticum 2023 takes place in Torino, Italy. IHTA is contributing to the convention with the organization of six sessions and 17 presentations:

Monday, 11.09:

  • Session A11-01: Spatial Hearing: Modeling and Applications, Organizers: P. Majdak & J. Fels
  • Session A12-08: Real World Implementation of Innovative Acoustic Surfaces, Room R3
    • 18:00 – A. Heimes, L. Pan, M. Vorländer, Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Surface Scattering – Part 1
    • 18:20 – L. Pan, A. Heimes, M. Vorländer, Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Surface Scattering – Part 2
  • Session A12-14: Accuracy in Room Acoustic Modelling, Organizers: L. Aspöck, G. Fratoni
  • Session A14-05: Soundscape Assessment and Mapping (Indicators, Descriptors and Metrics), and Virtual/Augmented Realitiy Tools for Soundscape Studies, Room R1b
    • 18:00 – J. Llorca-Bofí, J. Heck, M. Vorländer, Relating Individual Soundscape Attributes with Isovist Space Syntax Indices
  • Session A22-01: Education in Acoustics and Role of Social Media in Outreaching of Acoustics Topics, Room 7I
    • 15:20 – E. Abi Raad, M. Argotti, S. Duran, E. Fasllija, T. Lobato, K. Loh , G. McLachlan, D. Pereira, G. Puglisi, Three Years of EAA’s Young Acousticians Network in Social Media


Tuesday, 12.09:

  • Session A11-02: Virtual Reality and Hearing Research, Organizers: J. Fels & L. Picinali
  • Session A12-02/A13-04: New Trends in Room Acoustic Measurements (Including Arrays and Signals Processing), Room R4
    • 17:20 – I. Witew, M. Vorländer, Using a Multilateration Strategy to Determine the Sensor Positions in Acoustic Array Measurements
  • Session A12-03: Innovations in Sound Absorption Measuring Techniques, Including Reverberation Room Measurements, Organizers: M. Müller-Giebeler, C. Nocke, & C. Scrosati
  • Session A12-05: Acoustical Needs for Comfortable and Inclusive Learning Spaces, Room R3
    • 14:20 – K. Loh, J. Seitz, H. Braren, J.Fels, Speech Transmission Index Measured Using Adult and Children Head and Torso Simulators


Wednesday, 13.09:

  • Session A12-06: Open Plan Offices, Room R4, Organizers: M. Yadav & V. Hongisto
    • 18:00 – M. Yadav, M. Georgi, L. Leist, M. Klatte, S. Schlittmeier, J. Fels, Investigating the Effect of Realistic Sound Absorption Variations in Open-Plan Office Simulations on Short-Term Memory Performance
  • Session A15-05: Cognitive Aspect of Speech Production and Perception, Room 5I
    • 11:20 – I. S. Schiller, A. Bönsch, J.Ehret, C. Breuer, L. Aspöck, Does a Talker’s Voice Quality Affect University Students’ Listening Effort in a Virtual Seminar Room?
    • 14:00 – J. Seitz, K. Loh, J. Fels, Design of a Child-Appropriate Dual-Task Paradigm Examining the Influence of Different Noise Conditions on Listening Effort in Adults
  • Session A22-05: Activities in Acoustics of European Research Centers and Companies During the 20th Century
    • 10:40 – M. Vorländer, J. Fels, 60 Years’ Acoustics at RWTH Aachen University


Thursday, 14.09:

  • Session A12-04: Stage Acoustics and Rehearsal Spaces, Room R3
    • 09:20 – E. Accolti, L. Aspöck, M. Vorländer, An Approach Towards Virtual Stage Experiments
  • Session A21: Virtual Acoustics, Theme Organizers: M. Vorländer & L. Tronchin
  • Session A21-01: Auditory Cognition in Interactive Virtual Environments, Room R4, Organizers: J. Fels & J. Balint
    • 12:40 – J. Balint, A. Raake, J. Fels, First Steps Towards a Metadata Scheme for Auditory Cognition Experiments in VR
    • 14:40 – D. Oberfeld, N. Kalmbach, C. Von Castell, S. Boustila, L. Aspöck, D. Bechmann, Reverberation Makes Interior Spaces Appear Larger
    • 15:20 – L. J. Vollmer, C. A. Ermert, J. Fels, Temporal Mismatch Effects in Short-Term Memory of Audio-Visually Presented Spoken Digits
    • 15:40 – C. Breuer, L. Leist, S. Fremerey, A. Raake, M. Klatte, J. Fels, Towards Investigating Listening Comprehension in Virtual Reality


Friday, 15.09:

  • Session A21-02: Environmental Noise Auralization, Room R4
    • 08:20 – J. Heck, C. Dreier, J. Llorca-Bofí, M. Vorländer, Studying Outdoor Impulse Responses at IHTA Park: Simulated vs. Measured
    • 10:00 – P. Palenda, P. Schäfer, M. Vorländer, Auralization of Dynamic Urban Environments including Diffraction and Reflection using Virtual Acoustics


In the time leading up to Forum Acusticum,  Karin Loh presented A Concept to Evaluate Activity-Based Acoustic Settings in Preschools for Children Aged Three to Six (co-authors: Julia Seitz, Frederike Rust, and Janina Fels) at Internoise 2023 which took place between August 20th and 23rd in Chiba, Japan. Further, at I3DA (September 5th to 7th, Bologna – Italy), Pascal Palenda will give a talk on a Setup for Chior Recordings in Virtual Churches (co-authors: Lukas Aspöck, Stefan Morent, and Michael Vorländer).

We are also happy to contribute to the EAA Summer School in Torino, which takes place between September 8th and 10th, immediately before Forum Acusticum. In two Hot Topics Auralization and Toolboxes for Auditory and Psychoacoustic Research students will get valuable input from Lukas Aspöck and Janina Fels.

Finally, we congratulate Julia Seitz on receiving the EAA Travel Grant for Forum Acusticum!