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Mai 2021

Rummler: Comparison of Multi-Exponential Decay Constant Estimation Methods

Mai 20 @ 11:30 - 12:00

The measurement of the absorption coefficient in reverberation chambers according to the international standard ISO-354 shows a poor reproducibility between laboratories. One reason is the non-uniform distribution of absorption due to the placement of the test object. This causes shorter decay times for modes with oblique and perpendicular incidence on the absorber. Modes propagating parallel to the floor are less dampened by the absorber and will lead to longer decay times. Only the shorter decay times of this multi-exponential decay…

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Psarra: Contextual Sensibility and Influence in the Architecture of Carlo Scarpa

Mai 21 @ 11:00 - 12:00

Sophia Psarra The Bartlett School of Architecture University College London Venice with its many islands in the lagoon is a city that has throughout history hosted many diverse innovations. From architecture, painting and printing to cartography, hydrology and politics, Venice has never ceased to inspire the creative imagination. Five hundred years since its zenith, and in spite of the serious environmental and societal threats it is facing, the lagoon city still contains lessons for other cities as an urban environment.…

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Juli 2021

Kang: Designing Soundscape in urban open public spaces: a framework and potentials

Juli 2 @ 11:00 - 12:00

Jian Kang Bartlett School of Faculty of Environment, Energy and Resources University College London This talk explores putting soundscape into the intentional design process, by proposing a soundscape design framework for urban open public spaces, including four key components: characteristics of each sound source, acoustic effects of the space, social/demographic aspect of the users, and other aspects of the physical conditions. The potentials of designing methods for the four key components, namely sounds, space, people and environment, will then be…

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Oktober 2021

Chatterjee: The neuroaesthetics of architectural spaces

Oktober 4 @ 15:00

Anjan Chatterjee Penn Center of Neuraesthetics University of Pennsylvania People in developed countries spend over 90% of their time in built environments. Yet, we know little about its pervasive and often hidden effects on our mental state and our brain. Despite growing interest in the neuroscience of architecture, much of this scholarship has been descriptive. The typical strategy is to map knowledge of the brain onto constructs important to architecture. For a programmatic line of research, how might we transform…

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