FENS Forum 2024 in Vienna

05. Juli 2024 | von

Last week, our colleague Natálie Brožová, along with her Research Training Group “MultiSenses – MultiScales” colleagues Moritz Nesseler and Melissa Lober, attended the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) Forum 2024 in Vienna. The event spanned a broad spectrum of neuroscience topics, from computational approaches to experimental studies, including the neuroscience of multisensory integration.

The forum featured a diverse program with notable keynote lectures from global leaders in the field. Highlights included „Moving Beyond Barriers“ by Professor Viviana Gradinaru, who has pioneered optogenetics and systemic gene delivery to the brain, and „Allostasis as the Brain’s Most Basic Function“ by Professor Lisa Feldman Barrett, which delved into recent discoveries about brain architecture and its corresponding computational affordances.

Additionally, the Nobel laureate Eric Kandel awarded his prize and highlighted the significant contributions of Mackenzie Mathis and Alexander Mathis, known for their work on neural mechanisms of behavior. Their talk demonstrated how both specialized and general neural networks are advancing our understanding of behavior.

This year’s forum welcomed more than 7,000 neuroscientists, creating an incredibly lively atmosphere that fostered new insights and potential collaborations!

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