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DAGA 2021 poster award

23. August 2021 | von

At the DAGA Acoustics Annual Conference 2021, one of the poster awards has been given to the work presented by Jonas Heck, Josep Llorca-Bofí and Michael Vorländer, with the title: Hearing Architecture and Seeing Soundscapes: Methodological Approach of Individual Vocabulary Profiling to Evaluate Audiovisual Perception.



10. Mai 2021 | von

PAADtalks! are here: the interdisciplinary colloquium organized by the Person-focused Analysis of Architectural Design – PAAD group in collaboration with the Human Technolgy Center at the RWTH Aachen University. This series of academic lectures gathers humanities and technological approaches to architecture, and constructs collaboration networks for upcoming actions. There is no complete way to approach a person-focused analysis of architecture without an integral view. PAADtalks! spreads architectural research from the broad sense, beyond any reductionism or utopian pretension. Free access after registration via email.

Scheduled talks:

Sophia Psarra: Contextual sensibility and influence in the architecture of Carlo Scarpa. May 21st 2021

Jian Kang: Designing Soundscape in urban open public spaces: a framework and potentials. July 2nd 2021

Anjan Chatterjee: The neuraesthetics of architectural spaces. October 4th 2021