IT Center Events


The HPC group of the IT Center offers various events and courses in the area of parallel programming, performance tuning, and correctness checking.

Upcoming HPC Events


HPC Consultation

We offer an open HPC consultation hour on a regular basis. This will take place online 4-weekly. Here, we give you the opportunity to ask any HPC related question.

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HPC Training


For users with different knowledge levels, different courses are offered on a regular basis:

  • Our annual basic introductory course called PPCES targets users that have no or limited experiences in HPC and would like to get in touch with parallel programming in general.
  • For users that want to get initial information about HPC at RWTH Aachen University, we provide the basic course Short Introduction to High-Performance Computing as a preparation for the follow-up event PPCES.
  • The annual performance tuning workshop aiXcelerate targets advanced users. It teaches attendees the basics of performance tuning and how to apply them to their own codes.
  • Beside these regular events, we offer further events on hot HPC topics like accelerating machine learning workflows.



The Parallel Programming in Computational Engineering and Science (PPCES) seminar covers the basics of parallel programming in OpenMP on shared-memory computers, MPI on distributed-memory computers. In recent iterations, it also covers basic principles of accelerator programming. The PPCES has a long tradition and is taking place in Aachen since 2001 every year.


Short Introduction to High-Performance Computing

The Short Introduction to High-Performance Computing provides basic information about high-performance computing (HPC) at the RWTH Aachen University’s IT Center for different target groups and needs. It is the basis for the follow-up event PPCES.




Our annual workshop aiXcelerate is a tuning workshop for HPC users that would like to learn more about how to tune the performance of their applications. Starting with a basic introduction into performance analysis tools, users should gain hands-on experience by applying the learnt concepts on their own codes.