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Free training courses in IT for students of RWTH Aachen University

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Under the auspices of the IT Center, the fIT team at RWTH Aachen University (fit in IT) has been offering free IT training courses for students since the summer semester of 2008. The team is made up of student assistants who are largely self-organized. The courses teach the use of common IT programs (currently Office package, SPSS, LaTeX, Matlab) as well as presentation techniques. This should help to use the own resources and those of the RWTH more effectively.

Our courses

The focus of all courses is on the use of the software in everyday study:

How do I write my term papers?
How do I evaluate measurement series or statistics?
How do I organize my information?
How do I present my term papers or study results?

More courses may be added in the course of the coming semesters. Demand is the determining factor for the redesign of courses!