YIC GACM  July 20-23, 2015 | AC.CES July 23-24, 2015

Authors‘ Information – YIC GACM


Target Audience

Although the target group of the YIC 2015 are young researchers (under 35 years of age), senior scientists are welcome as well. In case you have any needs regarding barrier-free access, hearing aids, or other special requirements, you are more than welcome to send us an e-mail to yic@cats.rwth-aachen.de. A variety of aids are available and we will do our best to make the conference suit your needs.

Call for Papers

Submission of contributions as well as the conference registration should be performed through our registration system. Please see Important Dates for the deadlines. A submission requires creating an account, which will then allow continuous access to your data. Note that an account can be created without an immediate conference registration. Please use our template for your abstract. It  is available in LaTeX and in Word. The corresponding talk should be of 20 minutes length, including discussion.

During submission, you will be asked to choose two of the following topics, a primary and a secondary, for your contribution:

Algorithms and Codes – Computational advances in composites – Computational biomechanics – Computational dynamic failure, fracture and damage mechanics – Computational engineering optimization – Computational engineering sciences & solids – Computational engineering sciences and physics – Computational fluid mechanics – Computational materials science – Computational nanotechnology, micromechanics and atomistics simulations – Computer simulation of processes and manufacturing – Image processing – Multi‐scale physics and computation – Numerical and high‐order methods – Optimal Control – Parallel / High Performance Computing – Production engineering – Reduced order methods – Uncertainty quantification

Furthermore, there is an option for submitting a full paper (4 pages) for the conference proceedings. Again, please use the provided templates in LaTeX or Word. The conference proceedings will be made publically available through the RWTH publication server. It will have a persistent identifier (URN) for citation.

Participants of the ECCOMAS PhD Olympiad are asked to submit an abstract through the regular submission system of YIC GACM. Please use one of the provided templates and choose “PhD Olympiad Submission” for the upload. Note that only authors who have been invited through their local ECCOMAS organization can participate in the Olympiad.


Call for Posters

The poster session of AC.CES is open to YIC participants, as well. For details on poster abstract submission, please see the AC.CES author’s information site.

Please note that the topic of the poster may overlap with the topic of your YIC talk in order to provide an additional possibility for more personal and detailed discussions on your work.


Special Conference Events

As a conference designed for young researchers, we offer several special events.

Science Slam

Are you fed up with looking into the sleepy eyes of your audience while you give your conference presentation? Then, it is time to wake them up! At YIC GACM, we would like to promote the format of Science Slam, which has recently evolved from the idea of Poetry Slam. During Science Slam, the presenters are given five to ten minutes to present their scientific research in an exciting and entertaining way to a general audience. Regarding media, we will try to make anything possible you need. Don’t stick to slides, you can have music, make the audience do gymnastics, etc., anything you want and need to convey your message. You can participate in Science Slam in addition to a regular talk or also as a substitute for a regular talk.

If you would like to get a better idea of the format, we suggest the following examples:


Journal Club

You can either chose to be a regular Journal Club participant who works through a paper, or an author, who provides a paper. By providing a paper you will attain the role of a moderator of a five person group, who will work through your paper under your moderation. You will have the unique chance to guide fellow participants through your research and receive valuable feedback on your style of writing as you watch your group work its way through your paper.

As a regular participant in a group you won’t experience the feeling of struggling with understanding a scientific paper, because the author is right with you. In groups of about five persons, you will be assigned one specific paper to work through which corresponds to your track. The goal for the group is to prepare a small presentation (no fancy slides required, simple bullet points are fine) of about five minutes on the paper that has been read; meaning that you will have to slip into the shoes of the author and present his or her research results. To keep things manageable, the author will be part of your group and can guide you through the paper, but of course is not allowed to present.

We encourage everybody to participate in our Journal club.

Conference Fees

During registration, you will be asked to choose between one of the conference packages listed under Registration Fees.