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Advent Calendar Door Nr. 23

December 23rd, 2020 | by

Beat the Corona Winter Blues – Traditions

Do you also know someone like Freddie? Freddie starts singing the Christmas carols from her childhood already in November and Traditionenshe already does the shopping list for the Christmas baking.

She has a “backwards Advent calendar” which counts the 24 days until the Advent calendar starts on December 1st. Advent is then celebrated with great delight; this puts her in a good mood, despite bad weather and Corona.

Winter and especially the Christmas season enjoy us with many beautiful traditions and customs: fairy lights, candles, Christmas cookies, punch, Advent calendar, Christmas music, and many more. Maybe you also have some favorite traditions that you remember from your childhood, like Freddie? And as locals in Aachen, we certainly love our Aachener Printen. How about treating the corona winter blues with a delicious printen treatment?

Written by: Christine Sander

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