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Semester reflection at the end of the examination phase

September 13th, 2021 | by

At the end of the exam period, all you really want to do is switch off, forget everything and rest until the new semester starts. Thinking about the past semester is not something you want to do right now.

But now is exactly the right time to think about how things went.
What went well? You successfully stayed on the ball in all subjects during the semester, always knew what was going on and what was covered in the lecture, were able to keep up with all the exercises and passed the exam with flying colors? That’s great!

But most of the time this is more of a pipe dream and the reality is a bit different. Somehow you couldn’t keep up during the semester, the exercises were super difficult and before the exam you didn’t have enough time. And then the exam is not passed or the grade is not as good as hoped. Now think about what you want to do differently in the next semester and how you can go into the next exam phase better prepared.

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