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Beat the Corona Winter Blues – Food

January 13th, 2021 | by

Food and drinks…keep body and soul in harmony! When winter really gets to you, eating well is comforting – for many reasons.
Sometimes it’s the ingredients that make us feel good and brighten our mood. Sometimes your favorite dishes delight your senses.
Warm soups belong to the superstars of wellbeing: Whether it’s the well-known chicken soup, the bright orange pumpkin soup, roommate classics like chili con carne, or grandma’s hearty lentil soup. They simply make us feel better. Traditional Chinese medicine reveals why: with ingredients like ginger, chili, cilantro, cinnamon, carrots, and beans they warm and nourish us.

Pasta with a nice sauce (preferably with tomatoes) are also sources of happiness. It’s probably parts of the stone age that is still in our bones when we feel like eating food rich in carbohydrates (we needed to be full, after all!). But again, it’s the mix of ingredients that makes pasta with a nice sauce (preferably with tomatoes) a happiness and satisfaction maker.

The carbohydrates in pasta also have a low glycemic index, which is great for brain performance. Trail mix is considered a classic: nuts and dried fruit contain tryptophan, the precursor of the happiness hormone serotonin. And it contains magnesium – which strengthens the nerves. One of the more recent discoveries in the western hemisphere is Curcuma, which has conquered the hearts of many foodies when stirred into milk foam as “Curcuma latte” or “golden milk”. The curcumin it contains has been shown to have positive effects on mood, concentration, and memory.

Another star is ginger with its active ingredient gingerol: The list of positive effects is remarkably long. Among other things, ginger provides an energy boost and prevents colds: You can simply grate a piece of fresh ginger into your orange juice and enjoy it as a ginger shot. Or you can boil two or three pieces of ginger in hot water for a few minutes for a warming ginger tea.

Which food makes you happy?

Food that makes you happy 1/2

Food that makes you happy 2/2

Pasta makes you happy when it is firm to the bite

The power of mood food

Turmeric strengthens the memory and lifts the mood

Ginger replaces many medicines

Written by: Christine Sander

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