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IntSpire – the Prize for Internationalization

September 15th, 2023 | by
Three people in triumphant pose, holding the awards on the stage.

Award ceremony IntSpire 2022 © Heike Lachmann

Creativity, diversity and internationality are the building blocks of excellent solutions to the global challenges of our time.

In order to make visible and honor people and institutions within RWTH Aachen University who make an exceptional contribution to the internationalization of the university, the “IntSpire” prize was established in 2020 by the International Office and the Prorector for International Affairs and has since been awarded annually in a festive setting and with prize money of 500 euros.

Internationalization permeates all levels of our university and changes them in a far-reaching and sustainable way. It opens up the boundaries of our own horizons and is crucial for education, teaching, research and the future of our society.
In order to promote and advance the diverse facets of living internationalization at RWTH, many individuals and institutions are committed beyond the normal scope.

Against this backdrop, the IntSpire team is calling for suggestions for honors from among RWTH members. These can be individuals such as employees and students, but also organizations, facilities and institutes that are particularly committed to the internationalization of RWTH. During the proposal phase from September 1 to October 15, a proposal form can be filled out and submitted by e-mail. A jury consisting of representatives of the university management, the professorate, the International Office, the Staff Council for Technology and Administration, the Staff Council for Scientific Employees and the students of RWTH Aachen University will select an award-winning person or institution from the proposals received and substantiated in writing.

For more information and the proposal form, please visit the official RWTH page.

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