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RWTH spin-off acquired – Silexica now belongs to Xilinx Inc.

July 2nd, 2021 | by

RWTH spin-off Silexia, founded in 2014 at the Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems, was acquired this past week by Xilinx, Inc. the current market leader in adaptive computing. Founded by Maximilian Odendahl, Johannes Emigholz, Dr. Weihua Sheng, Prof. Jeronimo Castrillon and Prof. Rainer Leupers within the UMIC Cluster of Excellence, the start-up was initially funded through the BMBF’s EXIST- program, and early industrial technology sponsors included Huawei and Samsung. Since then, the company has raised a total of around US$28 million from international investors and has become a leading provider of C/C++ programming and analysis tools for multicore and FPGA system-on-chip architectures.

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