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You Never Walk Alone – How do I find a Study Group?

February 10th, 2021 | by

Image: Martin Braun

Most study groups are formed somewhat by chance: you probably sat next to each other in a lecture, chatted over coffee between lectures and exercises, or were in the same first-year tutorial. In the current situation, these opportunities no longer occur.

If you can now turn to a study group or fellow students from the last semesters, you are lucky. Start networking! Ask your fellow students if they are interested in forming a study group, working out a plan together on how to get through the exam phase separately but still together.

If you don’t have a study group yet, why not reach out in Zoom in one of your small group exercises (KGÜs) if someone would like to join up with you. Maybe someone from your first-year tutorial is interested? What other ways do you know of for finding a study group in times of Social Distancing?

Written by: Iris Heisterklaus

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