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Research Data Management at RWTH – Get the Overview!

February 9th, 2023 | by
RDM Trainings

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A quick and up-to-date introduction can be found with our RWTHmoodle course “Research Data Management – An Overview (RDM I – online)”!

This course is regularly updated and adapted to the dynamic development of research data management (RDM) and the RWTH infrastructure. Since the beginning of the year, you can use the updated version of the established self-study course.

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Was the Switch to Digital Successful? – A Stocktaking

May 5th, 2022 | by
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The breakout of the corona pandemic has presented us with new challenges not only in our private and professional lives, but also in the organisation and the conduct of teaching and research. There was a considerable, albeit unplanned surge in digitalisation. The RDM Team at RWTH Aachen University also had to adapt and make adjustments, especially with regard to events and workshops. Meanwhile, two years have passed and it is time to take stock. Was the changeover successful?

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