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Mastering RDM – Learning Opportunities at the RWTH

February 27th, 2024 | by
RDM Trainings

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In complex research processes, it is crucial to maintain an overview of research data and develop effective data management strategies. In addition to RDM tools and services, RWTH Aachen University therefore also offers its researchers courses and workshops on research data management (RDM) in order to develop skills in this important area.

The RDM team relies on blended learning, which combines traditional classroom teaching with digital learning methods. The basics are taught in year-round RWTHmoodle courses, which can be completed at any time and at your own pace through self-study. Building on this, what has been learned can be tested, discussed and deepened in regular workshops. In this blog post, you can get an overview of the RWTH’s RDM continuing education offers.

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Follow-up Report on the RDM Network Meeting in March

March 30th, 2023 | by
The photo represents the key points such as date, topic, etc. for the network meeting on March 8, 2023

Source: Own illustration; Freepik

On March 8, 2023, it was time once again: the data stewards, RDM officers and RDM interested parties at RWTH Aachen University met for the regular open meeting of the RDM network online via Zoom. The subject of the meeting was the TRUST principles and how they can improve the reuse of research data.


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NFDI Talks: Coscine at the NFDI ToolTalk

March 23rd, 2023 | by
Coscine at NFDI ToolTalk

Source: Own illustration

In order to give researchers space and time for exchange and impulses, the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) organizes regular Talks in which experts from various disciplines present exciting topics in research data management (RDM) such as new services, use cases, and more. In the current ToolTalk, Coscine was the subject of the event!

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Research Data Management at RWTH – Get the Overview!

February 9th, 2023 | by
RDM Trainings

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A quick and up-to-date introduction can be found with our RWTHmoodle course “Research Data Management – An Overview (RDM I – online)”!

This course is regularly updated and adapted to the dynamic development of research data management (RDM) and the RWTH infrastructure. Since the beginning of the year, you can use the updated version of the established self-study course.

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Love Data Week 2023 – Digital Support in the RDM

February 2nd, 2023 | by
Binary code with red coloured numbers in heart shape

Source: Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

Interested in more data love? Then we have a second appetiser for you. Because RWTH Aachen University will be offering yet another event as part of Love Data Week 2023.


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Love Data Week 2023 – Celebrating the Love of Data

January 19th, 2023 | by
Coscine with heart on the letter "i

Source: Own illustration

It’s coming soon! Love Data Week 2023 is just around the corner. In the week around Valentine’s Day, February 13-17, data love will be celebrated worldwide under the motto “Data: Agent of Change” with many events on different RDM topics.

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The Next Open Meeting of the RDM Network on January 11, 2023

January 5th, 2023 | by
Preview of the next FDM network meeting with key dates

Preview RDM Network Meeting
Source: Own illustration; Freepik

Next week, on January 11, 2023, starting at 10am, the first open meeting of the RDM network in the new year will take place on the topic of DataLad and the GIN-Tonic tool online via Zoom. You should not miss this! For newcomers and those interested, we have summarised once again in our new blog post what the RDM network meeting is all about.

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Research Data Day on November 15, 2022

September 27th, 2022 | by
Info picture for the Research Data Day in NRW on 15 November 2022. Topic of the event: Lighthouse FDM: Orientation in the sea of data.

Lighthouse RDM: Orientation in the data sea

On November 15, 2022 the Research Data Day in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) will be held for the second time. This time, the motto of the event is “Lighthouse RDM: Orientation in the data sea“.

On this day, events on research data management (RDM) will be held throughout NRW and various universities will present their RDM offerings. The complete programme can be found on the website of the State Initiative for Research Data Management –

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RDM Workshops in the 2nd Half of the Year – Register Now!

August 11th, 2022 | by
View of a table over the shoulder of a person working on a laptop computer

Source: Martin Braun

The RDM further education programme for researchers at RWTH Aachen University in the 2nd half of 2022 is now online. Register right now and save your place in the workshop!

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