Meet us at METEC & ESTAD 2019 (24.-28.Juni)

19. Juni 2019 | von


  • W. Bleck, June 25 – 10:00, Opening by the ESTAD 2019 chairmann


  • W. Bleck, June 25 – 11:50, Materials and processes for the third-generation advanced high strength steels
  • A. Babich, June 25 – 14:00, Intensifying the PC conversion by means of coke oven gas
  • A. Babich, June 26 – 9:00, Formation of char by coal injection and its behaviour outside the blast furnace raceway
  • M. Fabry, June 26 – 11:40,  Influence of ultra-fine iron ores on formation of macro and micro pores during the sintering process and the sinter reducibility


  • D. Senk, June 27 – 9:20, Experimental study of the effect of mechanical vibration on steel ingot solidification
  • C. Fix, June 27 – 11:40, Design of as-cast structures of continuously cast steel grades: Modelling and prediction

Steel materials and their Applications, Additive Manufacturing, Surface Technologies

  • M. Henrich, June 25 – 16:10, A component oriented method for the examination of toughness values of sheet metals
  • Y. Sparrer, June 25 – 17:10, Development of alloying concepts and process strategies for the production of safety-relevant lightweight body components with increased residual formability in press hardened condition
  • M. Ackermann, June 26 – 11:20, Influence of cooling schedule on microstructure heterogeneity in bainitic steel wires
  • J. Langenberg, June 26 – 11:40, Cleavage fracture modeling of a S355 construction steel using a modified Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman model (GTN)
  • D. Lenz, June 26 – 12:40, Analytical and simulation-based description of separations in modern high-toughness steels
  • P. Wechsuwanmanee, June 27 – 10:40, Numerical evaluation of surface roughness influences on cold formability of DP steel

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