Summer School 2019 – Computational-based Design of new Materials and Processes

30. August 2019 | von

On 20thAugust 2019 Steel Institute (IEHK) welcomed 35 international undergraduate students from China, Canada and Taiwan who participated in an educational event entitled “Summer School – Production Technology meets Industry 4.0”. The students were accompanied by Prof. Xiaokai Chen, the associate professor of the Beijing Institute of Technology. The 3-week event was organized by the International Academy of the RWTH Aachen University and was intended to provide students an introduction to Industry 4.0 and a better understanding of current and future requirements in production technology. The one-day program at IEHK consisted of a brief introduction to the material science of steels and state-of-the-art production technology of advanced high strength steels. The theoretical part was followed by various experimental and simulation stations where students experienced hands-on experiments and worked with diverse computational tools which are utilized towards modern material and process design of structural materials, particularly, low-carbon low-alloy steels.

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