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Would You Like a Little Touch Up? – RWTHmoodle is Now in the Version 3.11

September 3rd, 2021 | by

Screenshot of a RWTHmoodle courseroomLike every year, we gave RWTHmoodle a little touch up this summer: On August 25, the teaching and learning platform was updated to version 3.11.

This update comes with some visual and functional innovations for the users.

Until now, small checkboxes were displayed to the right of the activities. When the ticks were set here, the activities were marked as completed. After the update, the activity completions are now highlighted more clearly in color and text immediately below the activities.

In addition, the completion conditions required to complete an activity successfully (e.g., an assessment) can now also be displayed under the activity on the course page.

The test activity also offers more transparency: It shows students the minimum score required to pass even before the test begins.

Managers additionally have the possibility to upload and restore course backup files to RWTHmoodle on their own. While up to now only the system administration was able to do this, now the lecturers can manage their courses even more easily themselves.


You want to see all the new features that come with version 3.11? You can find an overview of all new features here.

You need more information? Then write to the IT-ServiceDesk. We will be happy to help you!


Responsible for the content of this article is Valentin Koser and Susanne Kubiak.

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