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News from POP – Performance Optimisation and Productivity

November 19th, 2021 | by

logos POP and HydrotexThe POP Service for SMEs in Aachen

In a separate article we have already introduced the POP service to you. In summary, the IT Center offers industrial and academic users free performance analyses and optimizations for their software within the framework of the POP service.

Service in two levels

The service can be used in two steps. First, our POP team offers a “Performance Assessment”. In the course of this assessment, the software in use is analyzed, weak points are identified and resulting optimization possibilities are determined. The result is presented in the form of POP metrics, which highlight various efficiency aspects of parallel programming with values ranging from 0% to 100%.

Following this service, the company or academic users can take advantage of the Proof of Concept service. In this step, the proposed

optimization measures are implemented in individual parts of the software as an example and then their effectiveness is evaluated. This is done by means of further experiments, kernel extractions or mini-apps. If successes are visible, the changes are fully implemented in the software, if necessary.

Our POP team is currently involved in 21 “Performance Assessments” and 8 “Proof of Concets”. Across Europe, there are currently 138 “PAs” and 32 “PoCs.” The majority of these have already been completed.

Where is POP being used?

The POP service is largely used by companies and academic users in the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy across Europe.

Fabian Orland, a member of the POP team at the IT Center, has been supporting the Aachen-based company Hydrotec Ingeniergesellschaft für Wasser und Umwelt mbH in the POP service over the past year. Hydrotec develops and distributes software and web systems for water management and for processing geographic environmental data. For example, they produce simulation studies on the hydraulics of flowing waters for flood protection and precautions against heavy rainfall, as well as on the hydrology of urban and natural drainage systems. At the beginning of the collaboration, performance analyses and necessary measurements were carried out on the HYDRO_AS-2D software. This hydrodynamic-numerical software is used for 2D simulation in the fields of flood control, watercourse development and heavy rainfall.

Based on the results of the analyses, Hydrotec also wanted to take advantage of a “proof of concept”. Fabian had already been on site last year as part of this and analyzed the software in greater depth with regard to its memory accesses. He then implemented a solution to improve memory accesses, which still needs to be evaluated.

However, the collaboration is currently interrupted due to the pandemic, but will be continued in a timely manner.

Regular webinars and tutorials

Regular webinars will report on the collaboration with users and companies across Europe. Webinar content also includes tutorials on the application of software tools used within POP.

In the last webinar with the topic “POP: The SME Perspective” Benedikt Rothe, Head of Development at Hydrotec reported about our collaboration. With two other speakers, he presents the approach and results of the current collaboration. He made it clear that companies from small and medium-sized businesses are successful in the field of high-performance computing and what advantages have resulted from the cooperation within the framework of the POP service. In a discussion round afterwards, participants were able to ask questions, expand their network and benefit from the experiences of others.

You can find the full webinar on POP’s YouTube channel and more information on Hydrotec’s website.

Are you also interested in the POP service?

You can find the Request Service Form and more information on POP’s website or YouTube channel.

Responsible for the content of this article are Fabian Orland und Janin Vreydal.

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