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The Metadata Form – Migrate Archive Nodes via Metadata

December 15th, 2021 | by
Dachshund sits in a large cardboard box

Knowledge is when you know where it is and what is in it. During archive migration, data is moved. To know what has to go where, we query metadata. (Source:

We know it too well ourselves from moves of all kinds: if we know what is contained in the boxes, it is much easier for us to decide whether we still want to keep certain contents or whether we can say goodbye to them. For this reason, we at least write on the box what is included and where it belongs.

The same goes for data that we want to archive, for example. We don’t have boxes available, but we can “label” the nodes to be archived with metadata. To do this, the appropriate node contacts receive a dedicated link to a metadata form about what exactly belongs to an archive node. What this is all about, you can read in this article.

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