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60th Anniversary of the Institute of Hearing Technology and Acoustics

September 8th, 2023 | by
Staircase festively decorated with balloons and photographs of current and historical persons of the Institute's management.

© Institut für Hörtechnik und Akustik

A special day for the Institute of Hearing Technology and Acoustics (IHTA/ITA), was created by all active and former members of the Institute on Saturday, August 19, 2023, when they celebrated its 60th anniversary.

The Institute of Technical Acoustics was officially founded on January 2, 1964 under the leadership of Professor Wilhelm Janovsky and since then has had an impressive history in the research and development of acoustic technologies and hearing techniques. Over the years, outstanding individuals have taken the helm of the Institute, including Professor Heinrich Kuttruff in 1972, Professor Michael Vorländer in 1996, and finally Professor Janina Fels, who has headed the current Institute of Hearing Technology and Acoustics since 2020.
The anniversary celebration drew more than 120 former and active members of the institute who joined in a day full of festivities and activities. The event featured tours of the Institute’s facilities and demonstrations of current research topics highlighting advances and innovations in the field of acoustics and hearing technology. Of course, food, drinks and live music by the IHTA band were not to be missed to round out the festivities.

Special thanks were given to the Association for Technical Acoustics (GfTA), which contributed significantly to the organization and realization of this anniversary celebration. The GfTA is an association that focuses on the promotion of acoustics in Aachen, especially with regard to young talent. It made it possible that the event became an unforgettable event and supports and strengthens the community of the former and active members as well as the new generation in the field of acoustics.

Seated audience in line.

© Institut für Hörtechnik und Akustik

For more on the anniversary celebration, visit the Acoustics Blog. Their goals as well as further information about the Association for Technical Acoustics and all current news and research projects of the Institute of Hearing Technology and Acousticsare available.

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