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Distracted? Interruptions, Noise and Things that Attract Attention

July 2nd, 2021 | by

Interruptions are poison for concentration. After each distraction, the brain needs about 23 minutes to concentrate on the original task again. If someone is constantly banging into the room, all hell is breaking loose on the street outside the window and the phone is constantly ringing, it is difficult to work with concentration.
Interruptions can be caused by other people. Here it helps to go to a quiet place, lock the room and make it clear to everyone that no one can come into the room now. Phone calls can be deactivated using the cell phone’s flight mode.
If it’s always too loud, either earplugs or, if the silence makes you restless as a result, meaningless soundscapes that you can listen to with headphones will help. You can find many examples online.
Sometimes, however, you interrupt yourself with household activities that you “absolutely” have to do. Here it helps to go to a room where there are no such distractions.

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