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Advent Calendar Door Nr. 18

December 18th, 2020 | by

Mentoring Whispers

“Together” is essential in times like these.
The corona hygiene regulations require for us to be physically distant- but that doesn’t mean that we can’t stay socially connected.
How about meeting your freshmen group over an online conferencing tool or starting the day chatting with your study group? Take a virtual coffee break with someone, have a chat with your favorite sister, call your grandpa on the phone or go for a walk with your best friend.
Student life is more enjoyable together and nothing is more pleasant than a smile, a little chat, a good conversation or a joke that makes you laugh. And things, which make you sad or angry, become easier to take for you, when you share them with someone. Even if you just meet in the virtual world.

After all “We cannot live alone without being harmed.” (Remo Largo)
And “Ensemble, c’est tout!” (Anna Gavalda)


Written by: Christine Sander

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