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Beat the Corona Winter Blues – Together

December 18th, 2020 | by

“Together” is essential to life.
The Corona Rules do force us to Social Distancing and AHA. But you can do many things to not be alone.
…zoom with your first-year group, start a (video)chat with your study group in the morning, take a virtual coffee break sometime…
…chat with your favorite sister, talk to grandpa on the phone, go for a walk with your best friend.
Life as a student is better together and nothing is more pleasant than a smile, a little chat, a good conversation, a joke that you laugh about together. Even things that make you sad or angry are much easier to bear if you share them with someone. It is better to come together digitally than not at all.

Because, “We can’t live alone without being harmed.” (Remo Largo)
And “Ensemble, c’est tout!” (Anna Gavalda)

Written by: Christine Sander


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