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Follow-up Report on the Open Meeting of the RDM Network on June 8, 2022

June 15th, 2022 | by
Info and data on the Open Meeting of the RDM Network on June 8, 2022

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On June 8, 2022, the data stewards, RDM managers and people interested in RDM at RWTH Aachen University met again online via Zoom for the regular open meeting of the RDM network. The event took place under the motto Networking of Data Stewards and RDM Managers and offered the opportunity for participants to network with each other and to get to know the various activities and RDM tasks better.

Flash Talks

In the first part, five data stewards and RDM managers from NFDI consortia, clusters of excellence, collaborative research centres (SFB) and institutes presented themselves and their work as well as their wishes and challenges with regard to research data management. Here it became clear how different and multifaceted the requirements and RDM in general are in the various disciplines. Nevertheless, one wish was common to all: a stronger anchoring of RDM topics among researchers and future researchers, through even more institutional offers and an integration into teaching.

The short presentations were followed by an extensive exchange on metadata standards, version control (e.g. with Git) and other RDM challenges. Not only were tips exchanged, but contacts were also made with each other.

Speed Dating

In the second part, the participants were sent into breakout sessions in pairs. Within 10 minutes, the pairs had to find three similarities and three differences. These were then presented to the group. There were a few laughs along the way. Under (time) pressure, even wearing glasses became a commonality or, if applicable, a difference.

It will be back in late summer – Save the Date

The meeting of the RDM network will now take a well-deserved summer break. In September we will continue with exciting topics on RDM.

Date: September 14, 2022
Time: 10am to 12 noon
Location: Zoom – Registration

Topic: Presentation of Coscine

All those who don’t want to wait that long, or who simply feel like meeting again in person, are very welcome at the Get Together in August:

Date: August 18, 2022
Time: 11am to 1pm
Location: Conference room 509 in the university library

Topic: Personal meeting and exchange (incl. lunch snack and drinks)

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If you also want to become a part of the RDM network at RWTH, then subscribe to the mailing list “DataStewards@RWTH”.

If you have any questions about the RDM Network Meeting or RDM in general, just write a message to the IT-ServiceDesk.. The RDM team looks forward to hearing from you.



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