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May we introduce? APIv2!

November 9th, 2023 | by
The technology behind Coscine - APIv2.

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At the beginning of October this year, the existing API (Application Programming Interface) in Coscine got an upgrade. APIs enable smooth communication and data exchange between different applications. Coscine offers users the opportunity to use the platform for research data management not only via the user interface, but also via the API. In this article, we take a closer look at the Coscine API and the upgrade to APIv2.

What is an API and how does it work?

API is an Application Programming Interface and consists of a set of rules and definitions that enable software applications to communicate with each other and to exchange data. An API defines endpoints and expected data formats to make requests and to interpret responses. By using the API, Coscine users can build customized applications, create automated workflows, and efficiently integrate and analyze data. Using the programming interfaces is an alternative to using the user interface.

What are the benefits of APIv2?

An upgrade of the API to version 2 provides improvements in terms of speed, security, functionality, and usability. New features are introduced while outdated practices are removed.

What can the APIv2 do better?

  1. Pagination: Efficient interaction with large amounts of data through retrieval in manageable portions.
  2. Sorting, searching, filtering (validation): More flexible and precise data manipulation and retrieval. This involves the so-called CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete). These operations make it possible to change, query, sort, filter, and update data within a database. The APIv2 performs automatic validation and provides immediate feedback if entered data does not correspond to the expected format, e.g., when entering an e-mail address that does not correspond to the valid e-mail format.
  3. Rate-limiter: prevents overloading and ensures stable operation.
  4. Increased security: protection of data and interactions.
  5. Clear structure in the endpoints: Simplified use and integration for developers.
  6. Revised architecture: Facilitates development, open-source collaboration and enables the latest technologies.
  7. Support for various text formats: Increases flexibility and deployment options.
  8. Live configuration customization: Changes without downtime.
  9. Containerization: Improves scalability and portability.
  10. Further improvements: Increase usability, performance, and stability.

The APIv2 of Coscine thus not only offers an improved performance, but also a multitude of new functions that further simplify the customization and use of the platform.

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