Yongfa Zhang stellt sich vor

04. Mai 2021 | von

Hello everyone, I am Yongfa Zhang, a visiting doctoral student originally from Chongqing University. I will be research assistant in the IMS Group for the next two years. I am very glad to meet everyone of you. As a visiting doctoral student through the Chinese Government Scholarship program, I am originally from the college of material science and engineering at Chongqing University. I will be working with the ‚Macroscopic group‘ in IEHK for my Ph.D thesis on the topic of Multi-scale Numerical Approach in Failure Modelling of High Pressure Die-Casting Aluminum Alloys.

The main objective of the present work is the development of a numerical material model which allows to predict accurately the deformation and failure behaviour of aluminium casting alloys considering the influence of casting defects on the material ductility. During this process, both X-ray tomography technique and digital image correlation method will be utilized to help us thoroughly understand the influence of internal defects on the deformation mechanisms of microstructure and even the macroscopic properties of the material.

RWTH Aachen University has a very good reputation for offering great challenges to young people.That’s the reason why I would like to join IEHK and continue my research. I am thankful to be a part of IMS group.“

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