Hallo ich bin Venkatesh…

18. Mai 2021 | von

Hi, I am Venkatesh. Since April 2021, I am working as a research assistant at the IEHK with the goal of a Ph.D. I got to know the institute during my Master’s program on Metallurgical engineering. The combination of nice work colleagues and interesting research topics motivated me towards a Ph.D. here as well.
I am working on the EU-funded project “topAM“ intending to computationally design oxide dispersed strengthened alloys for Additive Manufacturing. Additive manufacturing, a fast-growing technology in industries can unleash its full potential through customizing alloys, which I intend to explore in my Ph.D. through the ICME framework.
With multiple project partners across Europe, I am thankful to IEHK for the opportunity. Stay hungry!

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