Hey everyone! My name is Oguz…

01. Juli 2021 | von

Hey everyone! My name is Oguz and I started to work as a research associate with the aim of PhD at IEHK in the Materials Characterization group in May 2021. Since I earned my Master’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering at IEHK, I had a chance to explore interesting research topics as well as to experience friendly working environment.
Currently, I am working on a BMBF funded project called iBain, in collaboration with Fraunhofer IWM and ICAMS. It focuses on the implementation and integration of comprehensive experimental and simulation data into knowledge graphs, which contain the microstructure formation as a function of thermomechanical process control and the resulting fatigue behavior, using bainitic steels. The aim is to establish an automated, digital „workflow“ which, in a later step, will enable industrial users without in-depth expert knowledge to analyze and evaluate their own data in the same way (data sovereignty). For this purpose, an artificial material intelligence (AI) system is being developed, which collects, analyzes and provides structured experimental and simulative data stored in a database. The resulting digital representation will allow a predictive property description of bainitic steels depending on the microstructure and the processing steps and can be used to predict optimized process parameters and consequently to improve material grades.

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