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29. Juni 2021 | von

Hello everyone! I am Dilay. I started to work as a research assistant with the aim of PhD at IEHK in the group of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) in June 2021.
Currently, I am working on the DfG project called ProZell, which focuses on the development of programmable cellular metals through combined material and geometric optimization, in collaboration with Fraunhofer IWU in Chemnitz. It aims to develop high-manganese steels (HMnS) produced both by investment casting and additive manufacturing (SLM) through the adjustment of the cell geometry and the introduction of a material model which can determine structure-property relationships, especially for energy absorption purposes. The goal for material modelling is the implementation of the microstructures resulting from solidification and heat treatment and the corresponding mechanical properties of the TRIP / TWIP steels in the simulative design of the geometrically ideal cell.
Even though I have already become familiar with the institute during my Master’s study, I am keen to get the know the organization better and excited about the project that I am working on.

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