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RWTHmoodle and alot of questions???

December 7th, 2020 | by

You may know it. You are new as a freshman at RWTH Aachen University or you come from another university and you are flooded with a huge amount of information and impressions, so that you quickly lose track. And then you also have to deal with the organization of your studies and the teaching and learning platform RWTHmoodle. Today we will try to solve some of the questions that might be hidden behind RWTHmoodle to make the start of your studies at RWTH Aachen University a little easier.


Questions concerning RWTHmoodle? (Photo: Pixabay)

RWTHmoodle? What is RWTHmoodle?

RWTHmoodle is the central, web-based teaching and learning platform of RWTH Aachen University. Its virtual learning rooms offer a wide range of functions for implementing digital teaching formats. Thanks to various plugins from the open source community of Moodle, the platform is flexibly extendable. The course rooms are access-protected. Apart from the persons who hold or supervise the associated course, only students who have been admitted to a course have access to a course room.

And how do I log on to the system?

The login takes place on the homepage of RWTHmoodle. For this you need your RWTH username (format: ab123456) and the corresponding password. If you don’t have these data at hand, just have a look at our documentation portal. There you will find instructions on how to reset them.

I have registered, but where are my learning rooms now?

Students are automatically booked into the course room of a course as soon as a so-called “confirmed place” has been assigned for this course in RWTHonline. Other statuses such as “registered” are unfortunately not sufficient. Therefore we would like to ask you to check if there is already a confirmed place for the course. Please note that it can take up to one day until you are booked into the course room.

If you have not received a confirmed place, you should ask the chair offering the course why this has not happened or when the confirmed places will be allocated. Unfortunately we cannot influence this.

When a confirmed place has already been allocated and this has been the case for more than one day, we would ask you to contact us again with the course number of the course and a screenshot of the confirmed place confirmation.

Should there be problems with the confirmed place allocation, please note that the lecturers can always book students manually in individual cases independently of RWTHonline.

I get along with RWTHmoodle. But why can’t I change my e-mail address in the system?

RWTHmoodle automatically obtains the names and email addresses of users from the identity management system according to certain rules. For students this is the RWTH email address. This ensures that all relevant information about your course rooms reaches you. In our documentation, you can find out more about the rules behind the system.

We hope to have answered some of the questions you might have. If you are looking for further answers, you are welcome to contact the IT-ServiceDesk. The staff will be happy to help you.

Responsible for the content of this article are Anastasios Krikas.

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