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RWTHcontacts – Now Online!

August 24th, 2022 | by
Screenshot of the Website RWTHcontacts

Source: Own Illustration

With RWTHcontacts, you get insight into the new organization directory at RWTH Aachen University. To support digitalized processes and in everyday work, we often need information about which employees work at RWTH, where exactly they work and, most importantly, how to reach them.

An organization directory helps us to get this information. It is an information system that contains important data about the mapped institutions. In addition to the master data record, this also includes contacts and addresses.


Project Goal

The project for the creation of standalone directories, independent of specialized applications, modernizes the organization and personal data management at RWTH. This is done in cooperation with the Department 5.0 – Organization and IT of the Central University Administration.



With RWTHcontacts, a first subproject goes online today at online.

RWTHcontacts provides insight into all basic information from the new central RWTH organization directory. In a later step, RWTHcontacts will also clearly summarize information about the persons assigned to these organizations. There is currently no need for action on your part.


The New Central Organization Directory at RWTH

The new central organization directory consolidates data from existing directories. In addition, institutions affiliated with RWTH are also mapped. Thus, a leading and binding primary directory has been created. With this directory, all digitized processes can be adequately supported, e.g., the provision of e-mail domains or electronic sick leave notification via the ekr@nk.

Each organizational unit (Org) receives a lifelong unchangeable identification number (ID), the so-called OrgID. Unlike the changeable institution identification number (IKZ), the OrgID enables unique assignment to each organizational unit within a digital business process. But don’t worry, the IKZ will still be there. You can find it in the overview of organizations on the far right.

Screenshot of the organization directory on RWTHcontacts

View of the new organization directory on RWTHcontacts, Source: Own Illustration

Organizational Directory at RWTH – How Did It Work So Far?

Up to now, you can still find the most important information about organizations via the organization directory of the old Campus Management System (CAS Campus) at RWTH. This already supports many processes. However, problems arise, among other things, because organizations affiliated with the university are sometimes not mapped. Existing databases are sometimes incompatible and have a different focus. In the future, RWTHcontacts will therefore replace all existing directories.

Further information and instructions for use can be found on IT Center Help.


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