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Call Center World in Berlin

March 24th, 2023 | by
The entrance to the fair with flags and a blue poster with the name of the event above it.

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For More Performance in Customer Dialogue

This year, the trade fair “Call Center World” – CCW for short – took place from February 28 to March 2,2023. The central theme of the 24th International Congress Fair for Innovative Customer Dialogue this year was “Total Experience Management”. Customer experience across all channels and excellent service solutions were the focus of the exhibitors at the fair. In addition to 6,500 international visitors and 200 exhibitors, the IT Center also visited the trade fair in Berlin. What is currently happening in the service industry? What new technologies await us? What will advance customer service? Exhibition stands, speaker forums and demo talks informed visitors about the current trends and movements in the customer dialogue industry. On two exciting days at the fair, we spoke with many exhibitors from the various companies. One thing became clear to us very quickly: new AI technologies such as chat bots and voice assistants, as well as customer experience across all channels, are indispensable in the current world of customer service.

Green balls from hanging from the ceiling

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The Next Experience –
What Will the Perfect Customer Service of the Future Look Like?

In the live call centre “The Next Experience” we experienced first-hand how connected and digital work can succeed. In these post-pandemic times, it is not at all easy for employers to get employees back into the office. Working from home has also worked well in recent years. We were also looking for solutions to redesign the office space of our IT-ServiceDesk. In a LiveCallCenter, we were inspired by many furnishing solutions. A central theme, for example, was noise suppression. Whether moss balls on the ceiling or a green design with plants as well as sound-absorbing felt partitions for desks provide both a better room climate and better room acoustics.

Green plants in pots attached to a grid and combined with wooden benches.

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Soundproofing wall construction made of felt

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Chatbots – Automation in Customer Support

In addition to the call centre of the future, automation in customer support also occupied a large thematic area at the fair. Since the 1950s, chatbots have already been further developed and now it is possible to conduct real dialogues with them. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine the world of customer services and web shops without them. Artificial intelligence (AI) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) have brought chatbots far forward and developed them into customer-friendly and easy-to-configure solutions in support. So we are in the middle of the Next Generation of chatbots [0]. Our interest in integrating chatbots into our customer support has also increased in recent years and we looked at various solutions at the fair. Now it’s a matter of weighing up which chatbot could be the right one for our customer support and how it can be linked to our knowledge databases – stay tuned – there will certainly be some changes.

Customer Experience – New Trends Are in Focus

We are all online every day and are inundated with news. Trends and surveys show that consumers want to talk to customer support via messenger channels and apps. WhatsApp and co. are particularly in focus [1]. So reaching customers and getting answers will only work in the future if all channels are integrated. AI-based chatbots can support this, especially in answering routine queries and forwarding more complex queries to customer service. A combination with employees and AI will therefore be the solution in the future.

A woman stands in front of a RollUp with the trade fair logo on it

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Active Exchange on Site

As exhibitors, there were also companies on site with whom we already work. For example, we had the opportunity to talk to Serviceware about current trends and changes to our software in the area of knowledge management or to talk to Assist Digital – our partner for our omnichannel system – about current AI trends and further developments of the system.

Through CCW, we were able to expand our knowledge in the area of customer dialogue and total experience management. We took away many ideas and suggestions for change, which we now need to pursue further. We look back on exciting lectures and informative discussions and look forward to the further development that lies ahead.

Responsible for the content of this article is Janin Vreydal.



Responsible for the content of this article is Janin Vreydal.

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