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16. März 2024 | von

Again, IHTA is joining DAGA in Hannover with interesting contributions from March, 19th, to March, 21th, 2024. We are delighted to invite to our presentations and posters. In total, IHTA members will be represented with 19 contributions (15 presentations and 4 posters):

Dienstag, 19.03.2024
Thomas Deutsch, Luigi Falanga, Iring Koch, Janina Fels Sound Localization Performance with and without Simulated Hearing Loss: Comparison of Different Spatial Audio Reproduction Methods 13:40 Raum 7/9
Simon Kersten, Franck Sgard, Michael Vorländer Impact of the Ear Canal Motion on the Occlusion Effect for Bone-Conducted Stimulation 14:20 Raum 7/9
Christian Dreier, Michael Vorländer Air traffic auralization: Modeling and synthesis of drones 15:00 Blauer Saal
Philipp Schäfer, Pascal Palenda, Lukas Aspöck, Michael Vorländer Plug-and-play tutorials for the auralization of complex scenarios using an open-source simulation framework (Poster) 15:20 Poster-Forum
Hark Braren, Janina Fels Wie gut können Kinder Schallquellen lokalisieren? (Poster) 15:20 Glasgang, Posterbereich D
Lukas J. Vollmer, Frederike Rust, Janina Fels Intuitive Pitch-to-Digit Associations Do Not Support Verbal Short-Term Memory 16:00 Roter Saal
Melchior Käppel, Marco Berzborn, Michael Vorländer Untersuchungen zu Ambisonics-Decodern für irreguläre Lautsprecherarrays im Nahfeld 16:00 Blauer Saal
Natálie Brožová, Lukas Vollmer, Christoph Kayser, Björn Kampa, Janina Fels Audiovisual Cross-modal Correspondences and Their Influence on Perceptual Decision Making 16:20 Roter Saal
Anne Heimes und Michael Vorländer A new scattering metric for auralization in urban environments 17:20 Blauer Saal
Julia Seitz, Karin Loh, Janina Fels Assessing Listening Effort in Primary School Children: A Dual-Task Approach 17:40 Raum 7/9
Niklas Mika, Pascal Palenda, Jonas Heck, Michael Vorländer Incorporating complex surface impedance into auralization filters based on Image Sources 17:40 Blauer Saal
Jonas Heck, Josep Llorca-Bofí, Christian Dreier, Michael Vorländer Does ambient sound enhance outdoor auralization? 18:00 Blauer Saal
Mittwoch, 20.03.2024
Chalotorn Möhlmann, Pascal Palenda, Michael Vorländer, Janina Fels Comparing Simulated and Measured Urban Traffic Noise 09:00 Blauer Saal
Pascal Palenda, Philipp Schäfer, Michael Vorländer Open-source exchange format for sound paths in interactive simulation 17:00 Runder Saal
Donnerstag, 21.03.2024
Chinthusa Mohanathasan, Jonathan Ehret, Andrea Bönsch, Cosima A. Ermert, Janina Fels, Torsten W. Kuhlen, Sabine J. Schlittmeier The Role of Talker Visibility on Memory and Listening Effort during Conversations 08:40 FMS B
Carolin Breuer, Robert Schmitt, Larissa Leist, Stephan Fremerey, Alexander Raake, Maria Klatte, Janina Fels Exploring the Impact of Realistic Classroom Noise on Auditory Selective Attention 10:20 FMS B
Lara Stürenburg, Philipp Ostmann, Lukas Aspöck, Dirk Müller und Janina Fels Herausforderungen bei Messungen von Lüftungsgeräuschen in einem reflexionsfreien Halbraum (Poster) 11:00 Glasgang, Posterbereich D
Lukas Aspöck, Melchior Käppel, Carolin Breuer, Jonathan Ehret, Andrea Bönsch, Isabel S. Schiller, Sabine J. Schlittmeier, Torsten W. Kuhlen, Janina Fels Real-Time Auralization for a VR-based Investigation of Background Sounds in a Classroom Scenario (Poster) 11:00 Glasgang, Posterbereich A
Alexander Raake, Stephan Fremerey, Carolin Breuer, Larissa Leist, Maria Klatte, Janina Fels Towards using Audiovisual Scene Analysis to Evaluate Cognitive Performance in Classroom Scenarios 15:20 FMS B

An overview of all contributions and updated information can be found in the DAGA 2024 App.

We are looking forward to seeing you at DAGA 2024!

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