Rayleigh Medal for Prof. Michael Vorländer

26. Oktober 2021 | von

The Institute for Hearing Technology and Acoustics is proud to announce that Prof. Michael Vorländer recently received the prestigious Rayleigh Medal, the highest award of the Institute of Acoustics. Congratulations!

The Rayleigh Medal is the Institute of Acoustics‘ premier award, awarded without regard to age to persons of undoubted renown for outstanding contributions to acoustics. The medal is named after John William Strutt, Third Baron Rayleigh (1842-1919), a very versatile physicist who conducted both experimental and theoretical research in virtually every branch of the subject. His book The Theory of Sound remains a landmark text in the development of acoustics.

Source: https://www.ioa.org.uk/about-us/awards

By receiving this award, Michael joins a list of very well-known acousticians such as Manfred Schröder, Hugo Fastl, Leo Beranek and his his predecessor Heinrich Kuttruff, who have also been awarded this medal.

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