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Student of the year 2024: Contimi Kenfack Mouafo

February 5th, 2024 | by
Contimi Kenfack Mouafo steht gegenüber vom SuperC Gebäude.

Contimi Kenfack Mouafo is Student of the Year 2024. © Thorsten Karbach

The German University Association has awarded the title of ‘Student of the Year 2024’ to an outstanding young man who is studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at RWTH and is involved with the ‘3 E’s 4 Africa’ association. Congratulations to him!

Contimi Kenfack Mouafo is a passionate advocate for the potential of young people in Africa. He campaigns against climate change with innovative projects and aims to correct the negative image of his home continent.

“We must show that African countries are different from the negative stereotypical images that are constantly conveyed.”, says Contimi Kenfack Mouafo.

The association ‘3 E’s 4 Africa’ promotes projects that focus on sustainable fertiliser production from green hydrogen in Namibia and more efficient biogas plants for small farmers in Ghana. The organisation’s name stands for Education, Empowerment and Ecofriendliness.

At the age of 19, the student came to Germany to study and became active in Engineers Without Borders. Later, he founded the ‘3 E’s 4 Africa’ association, where he has been the Chairman of the Board ever since. The association aims to support African students who are working on local education and research projects related to energy transition, combating climate change, and climate change adaptation. German students also contribute to this objective.

The organisation promotes research projects that are environmentally friendly and tackle local challenges while developing African solutions. They network those involved and support independent action by African partners. Additionally, the organisation contributes to the integration of international students at German universities.

Mr Kenfack Mouafo will be honoured as ‘Student of the Year 2024’ at the ‘Gala of German Science’ in Berlin on 25 March for his inspiring commitment. The German Student Union (DSW) and the German University Association (DHV) will present him with the award, which is endowed with 5,000 euros. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology congratulates Mr Kenfack Mouafo on his achievement and wishes him all the best for the future!

Information about the association “3 E’s 4 Africa e. V.” can be found here.

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