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Provide an electronic reserves collection – with the literature section

March 30th, 2020 | by


Literary texts, historical sources, textbooks of all kinds or current research essays – despite the increasing number of video offerings, texts still play a prominent role in university teaching. However, not all texts that are needed in teaching are available as electronic resources quickly, easily and, above all, accessible to a large number of students at the same time. 


Digitization & Literature
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The new digital semester apparatus in RWTHmoodle, titled “Literature”, enables lecturers to provide their students with a literature list for their courses, which contains either references to electronic resources or PDF scans of the required literature. The scans are created by the university library. Teachers can also attach scans they have made themselves to an entry in the list and have them checked by the library for copyright.



In our documentation portal you will find a manual for the Literature section (Electronic reserves collection). It explains how to activate the new literature section, how to add entries and how to submit orders to the university library for digitization or copyright check of texts.


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