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Neue Shibboleth Version

December 1st, 2016 | by

The central log-in page of the RWTH Aachen University will get an absolutely new design which corresponds to the corporate design of the university.

The IT Center provides the new platform which has to be used by all service providers. To guarantee a smooth and complete changeover all providers have been informed in advance.
The activation of the new Single Sign On page will take place between today and December, 15th 2016. During this period both updated and not yet updated services will be in operation. That means that during your log-in you may come across the pages in a new as well as in an old design. Log-in problems during this period may signal that the service provider is carrying out the update at very point of time.

Starting from the middle of December all services will be available only via the new Single Sign On page.

So why this change?

The old version of the identity provider web application will be replaced by the new one because of safety reasons. Moreover this update offers you more transparency regarding your personal data you transfer to our systems.
During log-in process you get an overview which attributes are required for the usage of the service. You can decide if you want to provide the information or not. Be aware that you will not be able to use the service if you do not grant your data to be submitted.

You will find further information and user guides to this topic in our IT Center Help.

Do you have further questions that are not covered in our documentation?

Then please contact the IT-ServiceDesk

Turning old into new

Old log-in design:

This is how the new design looks like:

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