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MoodleMoot Global goes online

July 20th, 2020 | by

Like many other events, this year’s MoodleMoot Global was dominated by the COVID 19 pandemic. The conference, which was originally planned as an on-site event in Barcelona, was therefore held completely online for the first time, offering the global Moodle community the opportunity to exchange information despite distance rules, travel bans and other restrictions. The members of the community met from July 6th to 10th on a specially created Moodle instance. Among the more than 1000 participants from over 120 countries were representatives of the IT Center and the Learning Platform Management Department of the Center for Teaching and Learning Services at RWTH Aachen University.

Over 1,000 participants from over 120 countries took part in this year’s MoodleMoot Global!

The approximately 225 sessions offered a varied mix of exchange of experiences, tech talk and application examples. First and foremost, of course, the prevailing pandemic and how Moodle can be used to stay in touch and communicate content despite various limitations. The sessions were held in five languages – English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese – with meeting rooms available for all participants to use. Apart from the sessions, there was also the possibility to participate in workshops and to exchange ideas directly with other participants and the organizers. Overall, the MoodleMoot Global thus not only offered a platform for recording many important developments and reports from other institutions, but also the chance to participate in a global online event.

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