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RWTHmoodle – New features in winter semester 2021/22

October 18th, 2021 | by
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Welcome to the winter semester 2021/22!

As in the summer semester 2021, RWTHmoodle offers many new features in the winter semester. Curious already?
Keep scrolling and find out what will be available to you in the winter semester 2021/22.

StudentQuiz and Etherpad

The two pilot plugins StudentQuiz and Etherpad have proven themselves in the test phase and will be available by default in every course room from now on.

Course backup and course restore by managers

Up to now, managers could only reuse the content of RWTHmoodle course rooms in other course rooms via course import. Now they can additionally backup course rooms on their own and download the backup file. Furthermore, by uploading course backup files – whether from RWTHmoodle or other Moodle systems – they can independently restore content and continue to use Moodle courses from colleagues at other universities.

Unenrolment from course rooms with self enrolment

Self-enrollment can be activated for RWTHmoodle course rooms upon request. This allows students to enroll themselves in a course room and also to deregister from it when access is no longer required. Optionally, a password can be defined that has to be entered during enrollment.

Optimized overview of activity completion

Due to numerous user feedbacks on the Moodle update to version 3.11, we are currently revising the redesign of the activity completions introduced by Moodle. The changed arrangement of the new activity completion labels will make the course rooms look less visually cluttered and more uncluttered. The new design will be rolled out to the system over the next few weeks.

Tagging of quiz questions

Quiz questions created for the “Test” or “StudentQuiz” activities can optionally be tagged with so-called tags. This makes the created questions easier to find.

Expanded toolbar of the Atto editor

An emoji icon has been added to the Text Editor toolbar. This allows you to include emoticons in texts as needed, for example, to make it easier to reflect your own emotional state in forum posts.

Delayed start of e-tests

Electronic self-tests with many participants mean an increased load for the Moodle system. This load can be better controlled and distributed if not all participants start at exactly the same time, but with a random-based delay from certain group sizes. In this case, a countdown shows exactly to the second at which time the test can be started.

JSXGraph for creating interactive geometry, function graphs and diagrams

This plugin allows dynamic geometry construction or function plotting. Using JSXGraph, appropriate graphs can be embedded much easier in Moodle activities and materials such as the text page. JSXGraph works anywhere a text editor is available. The plugin is currently still being tested as a pilot and will be released upon request.

New features of the Cardbox activity

Numerous functional and optical innovations await you at the cardbox, a plugin developed by the RWTH for learning vocabulary and terms according to the principle of flashcards. This plugin is also currently being tested as a pilot and will be released on request.

New features when using the H5P content bank

H5P files uploaded to the content store (e.g. interactive videos) can now be renamed, downloaded, or replaced with another file with a single click with the Moodle 3.11 update.

You want to know more about the individual features in the winter semester 2021/22? You can find an overview in our documentation. The IT-ServiceDesk will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the use of the new features.


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