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Software Technology Fair in Aachen

February 25th, 2022 | by
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MATSE trainees at the project presentation
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MATSE show practical projects from dual study

For many years, the upcoming mathematical-technical software developers of the dual study program “Applied Mathematics and Computer Science” (MATSE) of the FH Aachen have presented their project work in an in-house fair at the IT Center. This year the presentation of the projects took place digitally on 22.02.2022. In the 3rd semester of their study, the dual trainees worked on practical projects in small groups in the module “Software Technology” of Prof. Bodo Kraft. The trade fair and the presentation of the projects form the conclusion of the module for the trainees.

Aachen’s training companies and universities provided the topics. Employees of the training companies played the role of customers. AIXTRON SE, CAE GmbH, Cancom, Databay AG, DSA GmbH, Ericsson, Fraunhofer ILT, Inform GmbH, ModuleWorks GmbH, Qosmotec Software Solutions GmbH, utilitas GmbH, Worldline Germany GmbH. The following university institutions of RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen also provided project, Steel Institute, Institute of Medical Informatics, Welding and Joining Institute, Institute of Technical und Macromolecular Chemistry, IT Center, Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics, Chair of Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification, Chair for Medical Information Technology, Chair of Software Engineering.

22 projects were presented by 92 trainees at the SWT fair. The different projects were about the developments of systems, tools and applications.

A comprehensive list of the project topics can be found in the Learning Portal of the FH Aachen.

For example, the IT Center trainees worked on the development of a print service portal for the IT Center.


Development of a print service portal for the IT Center

In the IT Center, large-format printers are available for institutes and facilities of RWTH Aachen University for poster printouts, banners and the like. Currently, print orders are submitted by the customer via e-mail. The downstream processes for order entry and e.g. for generating invoices are currently still done manually.

Our MATSE trainees want to change this!

The newly developed print service portal is intended to serve as a new interface between the IT Center’s print service and users. In future, print jobs will be able to be submitted and tracked via the portal. The portal is then used to simply upload the files to be printed, then select the material and format, and the job for the print file is created. Other features include the display of the job history and the automated generation of the invoice. This is intended to simplify communication when ordering the printing service.

As soon as the portal is available, we will inform you again.

So: stay tuned!


Graphical elaboration of the project with definition of the problem, the goal and the results

Project Poster – IT Center print portal
Source: Own illustration

Many learning effects for the students

The project work has many learning effects for the students. They learn to work in a team and immerse themselves in a typical project situation of everyday work. Through the project, they are given the task of creating a software product for a customer within a certain period of time with varying levels of prior knowledge. Often the software tools used are as unknown as the task and the team.

So teamwork, communication, time management, motivation, organization and technical knowledge are required.

It is thanks to the training companies, through the provision of the projects and the supervision of the project groups by the employees, that software technology can be taught in such a practical way for MATSE in the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science course. This is evidence of a well coordinated cooperation between the dual training locations!

We wish the MATSE trainees continued good experiences in practice and theory and look forward to next year’s projects.

Responsible for the content of this article are Claudia Keverpütz and Janin Vreydal.

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