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The IT Center Picture Puzzle – Solution of the 1st Puzzle!

March 11th, 2022 | by

Well? Did you guess the word “administration”? If yes – then congratulations, the puzzle was quite tricky!

This was the start of our series “The IT Center Picture Puzzle” last week. With this series of articles, we not only want to test your puzzle skills, but also introduce the IT Center as a central institution of RWTH Aachen University. You will get a deeper insight into our different departments and in addition, we will introduce you to the Director and CEO of the IT Center, the staff and business offices as well as our IT Manager and IT Manageress.

In each puzzle, four pictures stand for a word that describes for example a department of the IT Center. The word “Verwaltung” stands for the heart of the IT Center: the Finance, Human Resources and Organisational Support department. More to follow soon! So keep your eyes peeled on our blog as well as our social media channels Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and look forward to more IT Center picture puzzles!

We will announce the solution word here on our IT Center Blog. To go with it, a detailed interview will be published in which you can learn more about the department, the employees of the IT Center and the tasks of the IT Center management.

With this new series, we not only want to test your knowledge, but also raise awareness and provide promising insights into the many different departments, staff units and, above all, people behind the IT Center. We want to report on current and future projects and developments in the building and, of course, tell you the red-hot news in our articles. In addition, you can expect a picture puzzle, the corresponding solution word and an exciting interview on our IT Center Blog. So stay tuned, the interview on the solution word “Verwaltung” is already in the starting blocks. 🙂


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